Barefoot Soul Sanctuary.

A place where every woman can truly belong.

Andi Amis in a red top, holding a healing drum

Barefoot Soul Sanctuary.

A place where every woman can truly belong.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment?

I’m talking about YOUR life. Your everyday life.

Maybe you’re living with chronic pain, either physical or emotional and you’re keeping it all to yourself. You keep telling yourself that there’s people far worse off than you, or maybe you’re even feeling guilty, as on the surface you have the perfect lifestyle.

You could be a new mama, juggling parenting with career plan or living through the loss of a loved one. Maybe you have always believed that just getting on with it, keeping busy was the best coping strategy?

Deep inside you feel a sadness, an emptiness or maybe you just feel like you want the world to stop for a moment, so you can just step off and take a break.

Life shouldn’t be like this.

If you’ve always felt like you didn’t fit in I hear you, I experienced that feeling for most of my adult life, but I've come to realise that fitting in isn’t the same as belonging. Fitting in is moulding yourself to someone else’s values and beliefs, whereas when you truly belong, you can show up fully as your sovereign self.

You’re exhausted from keeping up appearances, when often you really don’t feel ok.

You keep over giving to others when you have very little energy for yourself and your own needs. You feel like your drowning from being everyone else’s anchor.

Perhaps you don’t even know what the disconnect is right now, you just feel like you’re carrying heavy baggage on a daily basis. You feel tired and want to feel like YOU again.

I hear you.

And most of all, I understand you.

Andi Amis portrait in front of a picture of Buddah

My belief is...

My belief is that there is always something that we can do to move forward in life. Women have been silenced for far too long - don’t make a scene, be the good girl, don’t be too loud or too much. Why? Because when women stand in their true power, when they truly find their voice it makes others uncomfortable. It goes against the  patriarchal norms of our society.

My purpose and passion are to work with women who want to untangle the position they are in, women who are ready to heal themselves and their past stories of shame, guilt and feelings of “less than”. I want to guide you to find your voice again and live a life that is aligned to your soul’s purpose.You don’t need to figure it all out in one go,  I will guide you back home, to remember who you really are.

But, enough about my passion, what you need to know is that life doesn’t have to be this way, you don’t need to hold such heaviness, there are always options available to you. It is absolutely possible to reclaim your power, and when you heal yourself, I believe you are healing the generations of women that came before us and those generations we are yet to meet.

I work with my clients in a truly holistic approach, bringing many years of experience in nursing with shamanic training, trauma and somatic work which provides the individual with solutions to their problems.

Incorporating shamanic coaching & healing, breathwork, reiki healing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, holistic therapies and EFT (Tapping), and we work together to get you unstuck and shifted towards a more balanced and fulfilled, authentic life.

This is all about YOU.

I invite clients to work with me

Either as a singular session or to book a course of 4 or 8 sessions. During the single session we explore where you are right now, and I will create a sacred space, offer tools and techniques that you can take away and implement in your world. Many clients feel that working on deeper issues and trauma require more than one session and I encourage you to decide for yourself if you are ready to make this commitment.

Consider this a little bit of an emotional “wound check” where I will meet you exactly where you are right now, and together we will create a plan for your healing journey, it may include energy clearing, or exploring limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back.

Alternatively, if you decide on a package of 4 or 8 sessions, we will really dig deeper into the “wound” and promote healing from the inside out. We create a whole range of “treatments” for you to try at home, enabling the healing process to continue after our work. In essence we deliver a robust catalogue of support to enable you to navigate the future with grace & ease. I invite you to discover what brings you joy, and support you to transform your wounding into your medicine.

The solution that’s right for you is simply a conversation away.

Book a curiosity call where we can discover the perfect solution for you and explore how we can work together to impact each & every area of your life. Raising your vibration, you can let go of that which no longer serves your health and well being.

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