Meet Emma, a beautiful 49 year old Midwife, approaching her 50th birthday with some trepidation

Emma was the lucky winner of a 12 week Zone Face Lift course at Barefoot Soul and has kindly agreed to share her story with you.

For many of us women reaching “a certain age “ we start to wonder what life has in store for us next .We start questioning our role, our purpose and what we  have achieved in life. As if running a family and full time career wasn’t enough, we search for the “thing” that will boost our confidence and validate our existence – whether that be the perfect relationship, perfect home, promotion, plastic surgery – literally anything that means we don’t have to “just be”.

Andrea Amis

Add hot flushes, anxiety, a diminished sex drive, insomnia & forgetfulness and we can be heading for a massive rollercoaster of confusion, self-doubt & anger. There needs to be a safe outlet for these emotions ,a space to be ourselves, with no filter & no apologies. Whatever that means for you, I invite you to find your tribe – by this I mean those women that have your back, unconditionally and without expectations. The support I receive from my “sisters “ is vital for my health & wellbeing and its thanks to them that I am living my best life working with you beautiful souls.

Womens Tribe

I would like to share with you why I chose to study Advanced Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift in London with Ziggie Bergman. I share Emma’s’ story with her permission in the hope that you will reach out if this resonates with you.

I aspire to support women to feel good about themselves – naturally. My mission is to empower women to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I will introduce you to facial massage techniques & spiritual ,emotional and mental health boosting techniques that you can take away with you. I promote natural ways to lift the face & spirits that avoids needles, chemicals, skin peels or vampire facial techniques!

Please don’t get me wrong, I write without judgement, I  have many medical friends in the field of aesthetics & have been asked on several occasions why I don’t offer these treatments to  transform my business? My answer is simple – because it doesn’t resonate with me, it just doesn’t sit right!

What I offer is an alternative, heralded in the press as a credible alternative to Botox. What I love about the Zone Face Lift is the experience: the beautiful environment, hot towels, facial reflexology, Japanese massage techniques ,the sharing of information and the support I can offer my clients. Native American Healing techniques combined with Jade Guasha tools, quartz crystals & award winning facial elixir, there really is nothing else like it!

Andrea Amis

I feel privileged to witness the change over the 12 weeks and I’m not just talking aesthetically …. as tension & emotions are released, you can start to see the face change and in Emma’s case she literally “let go”. She planned her treatment day, making sure she didn’t have anything else organised afterwards to prolong the benefits. As a busy wife, mum of two & senior midwife, Emma consciously leads a very healthy lifestyle ,with a great diet & exercise regime. All the same, she was feeling a little tired and run down with all the demands placed upon her – a scenario I hear all too often & can totally relate to.

A “blip” in the middle of the course led us both to question our commitment to the 12 week program, as shifts collided and life got in the way. However, we discussed the challenges and after a short break away, the programme resumed and changes started to happen.

You will see from the photos that week 1 & week 6 (top ) are pretty similar, however as the lines diminished Emma appears lighter, fresher and indeed more youthful ! I think the photos speak for themselves ( no filters or editing have been applied – hence the lighting is a true representation of the conditions on the day, no make-up was worn in any picture ) but don’t take my word for it ! Read Emma’s experience.

Below is a testimonial written by the lovely Emma.

Barefoot Soul Treatment Room

If you would like to chat about the Zone Face Lift please call Andrea on 01939 211 113 or 07445 083 028 & we can discuss a taster session or booking a course of treatment .I look forward to hearing from you.

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