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  • Living in harmony with the seasons

    What can we do to live more in harmony with the seasons?   So, it may not seem much like autumn with this beautiful weather right now, but personally, I love this time of year when everything turns vibrant shades of gold, red and brown.The land is slowing down and preparing for the winter ahead, [...]

    2.9 min readPublished On: October 11, 2023Views: 111
  • Does Wim Hof have a point?

    Has Wim Hof got a point?   Love him or hate him Wim Hof is all over mainstream media at the moment & has even made it onto prime-time TV with his reality show “Freeze the Fear” hosted by celebs Holly Willoughby & Lee Mack. If you’re really not into cold water immersion or even [...]

    6.5 min readPublished On: April 28, 2022Views: 847
  • First degree (Level One) Reiki Training – January 27th & 28th 2024

    Barefoot Soul Awakening Therapies is so excited & honoured to deliver Usui Reiki training in Shrewsbury. Andi is a qualified Reiki Master Teacher and has been a practicing therapist since 2015.Prior to embarking on a spiritual path, Andi worked in the NHS for 34 years as a nurse practitioner.

    1.3 min readPublished On: March 24, 2022Views: 3030
  • We featured in the SYone Magazine

    We are proud to announce we were featured in the SYone Magazine for Shrewsbury & Surrounds.

    0.3 min readPublished On: May 26, 2021Views: 2991
  • Barefoot Soul at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place!

    Barefoot Soul was delighted to represent Professional Reflexology at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place festival!

    2.2 min readPublished On: September 16, 2019Views: 3282
  • Barefoot Guide to Feeling Fabulous at 50! Emma’s story

    Meet Emma, a beautiful 49 year old Midwife, approaching her 50th birthday with some trepidation.

    4.1 min readPublished On: June 10, 2019Views: 2551
  • New Sansaw business is putting its best foot forward

    Barefoot Soul’s relaxing new space on the Sansaw Estate

    2.5 min readPublished On: May 1, 2019Views: 2451
  • The Barefoot Guide to Reflexology

    Reflexology is just a foot massage ..right? Wrong!

    4.7 min readPublished On: March 18, 2019Views: 3378
  • And this is why it’s never too late to change career!

    March 2013, I land my perfect job. It was the role I had dreamed of... Or was it?

    3.8 min readPublished On: February 6, 2019Views: 2023
  • Naturally lift your face and spirit

    A brilliant new facial treatment which the Sunday Express called ‘A Spiritual Facial treatment...'

    1.5 min readPublished On: January 2, 2019Views: 1823
  • Private Healthcare

    Do you have a private healthcare plan?

    Did you know that your healthcare plan may cover all or part of the cost of your clinical reflexology.

    0.5 min readPublished On: August 23, 2018Views: 1663
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