What can we do to live more in harmony with the seasons?


So, it may not seem much like autumn with this beautiful weather right now, but personally, I love this time of year when everything turns vibrant shades of gold, red and brown.The land is slowing down and preparing for the winter ahead, theres a shift in energy as the leaves fall from the trees.

If we take a look at our feminine sacred cycles, it is a time to surrender into the descent of the darker months, and just like the leaves, letting go of what no longer serves us. Autumn invites us to slow down, make hearty, nourishing soups and stews and grounding ourselves in the process. This is the equivalent to the waning moon energy, the evening in our 24 hour cycle and the menopause or Queen phase in our feminine cycle

So, how can we choose to honour this time of year?

We can learn to tune in to nature around us, even if its challenging to slow down due external pressures and the speed at which we live our daily lives, it is still possible to connect with the earth and acknowledge the shift. Here’s,how:

  • Ground into your physical body and connect to the earth element, walking in the woods, connecting to the root chakra, noticing how your body is feeling in this moment, maybe dancing or moving gently to your favourite tunes.
  • Breathe, fully, deeply and gently, no forcing required here.
  • Receive the unconditional love of Mother Earth as you walk, feel her solid beneath you, the air that blows around you and the cooling embrace of the rain, streams & rivers as they cleanse you.
  • Feel the connection, we are a part of nature, feel the love and allow it to fill your heart.
  • Mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil and diffuse or add to bath salts for an indulgent, grounding experience. Frankincense essential oil is my fave oil for grounding, it has an earthy element and great for meditation too.
  • Ground & root into your values and notice what isn’t working in your life. Can you let it go and make space for something even better?
  • Maybe light a ceremonial fire and release whatever is not serving you to the flames and let the smoke carry it for you. Always offer a blessing to grandfather fire and give thanks.
  • Take some time adjust in the darker mornings, maybe drink your tea by candlelight as our ancestors did? Sit with you tea and offer gratitude for the new day.
  • Journaling- take a moment to pause and reflect upon your hopes and desires, or maybe just your thoughts and feelings.

I share this invitation with you as a gift from an embodied Queen, we are not designed to be busy and productive all year round, our energy ebbs and flows just like the seasons. If it is difficult for you, just do what you can and that is enough. Be kind to yourself.

Getting outside as much as possible will help your mood, as will boosting your immune system with earthy, whole foods, whatever feels good for your soul.

Much Love

Andi xxx

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