Stand in your power, discover your voice.

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Stand in your power, discover your voice.

Shamanic healing can help you to find balance within yourself and to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Andi has been trained in traditional Native American Shamanism by renowned Shaman & author, Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum & Sacred Women’s Shamanism with Shamanic Priestess Ruth Cato. These teachings are both authentic and time tested, and totally relatable to the challenges of modern day living.
Shamanic healing can help you to find balance within yourself and to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.Shamanism is not a religion & Andi offers a safe space for you to find the answers that your heart & soul desires. Andi is not a medium as her gifts lie in the healing aspects of shamanism. Working within the shamanic realms to offer guidance through drum journeying, traditional blessings, soul retrieval work, breathwork and trauma release.

90 minute treatment + follow up £90

3 x 90 minute session £243 (T&C's apply)

Andi Amis standing, looking into the distance, holding a drum.

What is a Shamanic Healing session?

Shamanism was introduced into the West through the work of 19th and 20th Century anthropologists who studied indigenous people. Some of these people appeared to enter trance like states to access other worldly dimensions, to bring power from spirits and spirit helpers for the purpose of healing. The word shaman is thought to come from the Siberian Tungus Evenki tribe and is translated as “the one who sees, or the one who knows.”

The shaman’s purpose is to bring about balance in all of life, working with and connecting with Mother Earth, receiving power directly from Her. The shaman is a messenger between both this reality and the spirit world, bringing messages from spirit, communicating with trees, plants, animals, and all of the elements. The shaman becomes the hollow bone, she becomes a channel for spiritual power.

Whilst Andi has completed 3-year Shamanic training with Chris Luttichau from Northern Drum Shamanic Centre, she would not be so bold as to identify as a Shaman but prefers the term Shamanic Practitioner. That is to say she has received the original teachings and blends this knowledge and wisdom with contemporary teachings in a trauma informed and non-judgmental space. My guides have shown me that my medicine (my gift) is my healing and having worked as a nurse for most of my adult life, I guess that’s no surprise! These days I prefer to work with nature & the ancient wisdom of our elders and trauma healing is my area of interest and specialism. Andi has also trained with the Shamanic Priestess Ruth Cato, working with sacred women’s cycles and blood mysteries, birth and death rites and trauma release through shamanic practices.

Who may benefit from shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing may be useful if you have been feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you are carrying a heavy burden. This may be unhealed child or adult trauma, or maybe something that you can’t put your finger on but just know something doesn’t feel right. Issues such as low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, anxiety and chronic health issues may all benefit from shamanic healing. Often you are simply drawn to working with a particular shamanic healer and you don’t know why! We believe that there are no such things as coincidences and encourage you to follow your intuition.

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Are they any people that may not benefit from shamanic healing?

I do not use psychoactive substances in my work and will not undertake shamanic healing with a client under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Those with serious mental health issues or psychosis will be invited to seek expert medical assessment. If in doubt, please book a free curiosity call before booking a session and we can have a chat.

“Shamanic teachings and techniques come from indigenous people who have fought hard to keep them alive, so an informed respect for the history of traditional shamanism assists in keeping wholeness and balance.” Calling Us Home. Chris Luttichau.

During a shamanic healing session

We will firstly aim to quieten the mind chatter a little and connect to the heart with a grounding meditation. We call upon our guides and helpers, our spirit animals and ancestors to provide a safe and loving container from which to work. The healing maybe in the form of a shamanic drum journey, feather blessing, herbal cleansing, soul retrieval, psychopomp, etheric body healing or trauma healing using the breath.

Andi will guide you through the journey, so you do not need any prior experience or knowledge. We set an intention based upon your needs or maybe you have a specific question that you would like guidance for. We then allow time for integration and feedback, where you may wish to journal or maybe choose an oracle card to confirm your findings.

We work together, ensuring that you are fully in control at all times. Many of my clients experience a connection with their spirit guides or power animals, however some may experience a sense of relaxation and lightness as energy that is no longer required, is shifted.

We complete the session giving thanks to our guides and helpers and Andi may offer work for you to do at home to continue the healing process and empowering you to move beyond your difficulties.